We were hired to create branded lifestyle content LaloFitness could use as marketing material for the launch of a series of luxury fitness vacations the company was intending to offer to the public.  

Building upon the themes of movement and exploration, we drafted a creative brief for the project based around a week-long sailing trip in the British Virgin Islands. It involved video work (with a voiceover) as well as photo and written content. These materials later led to the creation of Yes Escape, a website that offers global excursions.


LaloFitness/ YesEscape            

Our Role:
Photography, Aerial Drone Work, Editorial

Similar Projects:
O.A.R.S. Rafting

the vessel

We traveled in the comfort of 2015 51-foot luxury sailboat by Beneteau, a French sail and motor boat manufacturer famous for its innovation and passion for yachting.

the plan

Travelers had hands-on opportunities to sail while covering more than 75 nautical miles throughout this uniquely beautiful island chain.

Stories from the Road

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