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Visit Sacramento


If the Farm to Fork captial isn’t already on
your radar, it should be.

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We had the pleasure of collaborating with Dirt Road Travels to produce a series of tourism videos for Visit Sacramento. The ask was simple: Create content the city could use to promote itself to prospective millennial travelers.

Narrowing our focus to food, drink, landmarks and art, we developed a strategy that focused on a variety of shareable moments, found only within the city, and delivered in a social-optimized format.


Visit Sacramento                

Our Role: 
Full Service Video Production

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My Sacramento

As part of this campaign, Visit Sacramento received 500+ photos, 10+ short-form videos and a digital field guide.

Our approach? Go where the locals go.

In this series, we speak to a few notable locals who share why they love their city and offer would-be travelers some recommendations on where to eat, what to see and where to go.

Featured Partners

A key component to any DMO’s work is its tourism partners.

We selected a few that fit the campaign’s objectives and showcased their offerings, ambience and overall aesthetic.

The Highlights

What’s a millennial-targeted content strategy without Instagrammable moments?

For three days, we explored the city like tourists and took in the most beautiful sights. Whether it was the iconic bridge, skyscraper-sized murals or farm-to-fork food scene, we were there. And we were filming it.