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In collaboration with Dirt Road Travels, we were hired by Visit Albuquerque to produce a series of more than 30 tourism videos showcasing the city to would-be travelers.

As a place now commonly associated with Route 66 diners and Breaking Bad, the DMO wanted to reveal another side to Albuquerque’s story, one that focused on its vibrant arts scene, cultural roots and outdoor activities.


Visit Albuquerque                

Our Role:
Full Service Video Production

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In just one week, we covered a lot of ground. We spoke to dozens of locals, sought out the sizzle of authentic New Mexican chili and rode the tram to the top of the Sandias in time to see them blush as the sun went down. We saw tribal art, floated above the Rio Grand in a hot air balloon and waited on a center median during rush hour for the iconic Route 66 archway to come alive.