There They Go

Expeditions: South Africa

uncovering south africa

We embarked on this journey in November 2014 at the height of the Ebola epidemic. Aside from experiencing the extreme beauty of South Africa, we sought to educate and change people's perceptions about the African country.


the art of discovery

Where, just an hour before, there had been gravel roads and dense fynbos, now there was nothing but sky. The whole of Capetown was laid out like a carpet beneath our feet, the rocky ledges and steep inclines surrounding Matt and myself acting as a kind of protection for this precious space. No one speaks. Except for two young Finnish exchange students, there is no one but us on the top of Lion's Head.


lost in leopard country pt. 1

The Cederberg Wilderness is located only two hours from Capetown and yet the landscape is completely different: Twisted rock formations rise from the dense fynbos, the perfect hiding spots for springbok, insects and, in our case, leopards.

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cederbergs 2.jpg

Lost in leopard country pt. 2

When we decided to venture into the Cederberg Wilderness, a region which encompasses some 162,000 hectare (about 625.5 square miles) of rugged mountainous terrain, I didn't exactly stop and consider what Matt and I would do if we got lost.

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