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Kauai: Entering the Realm of the Unreal

Roughly half-an-hour's flight from Oahu, Kauai - nicknamed the Garden Isle - is an adventurist's playground. Ringed by white sand beaches and impossibly turquoise waters, the island is about 80 percent undeveloped land, portions of which are only accessible by foot. Perhaps most well known as the home of Mount Wai'ale'ale, the wettest place on Earth, Kauai has also lured countless Hollywood film crews to its shores appearing in such motion pictures as Jurassic ParkRaiders of the Lost Ark and Pirates of the Caribbean.

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One Word for Our Cerro Chato Hike: Epic

The three of us - Matt, Andrew and I - are ankle-deep in thick brown mud doing a kind of awkward Flamenco around tree trunks and lifted roots, arms raised and steps heavy. Our breaths resemble the labored gasps of a marathon runner. My glutes are searing. My pits are stained. And it seems like the steep uphill climb will go on for eternity.

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