There They Go


100 Days on the Road

The other day Matt and I were scrolling through the photos on our iPhones. Up popped me face-planting into the sand at the Monahans Sand Hills; Matt pumping diesel at one of those gas station casinos in Montana; the two of us high above Albuquerque in a hot air balloon. Then there was the sunrise at Valley of the Gods and sunset in Glacier National Park. Cliff jumping into Crater Lake. Pumping the throttle at Rally Ready.

And it occurred to us: We've done a lot this summer.

As I write this, from an incredible BLM camp site just outside Canyonlands National Park, today marks Day 100 since Matt and I left our apartment in Rhode Island to take on this Grand Adventure. One hundred days since we boarded a plane to Denver bleary-eyed and nervous to pick up the EarthRoamer and meet the team at LifeProof HQ for a pre-trip debriefing. 

There They Go was built on the idea that the world has so much more to offer than what generic guide books and travel pamphlets can. We seek to inspire the not-so-adventurous to get outside their comfort zones, and for those adventurers who go the extra mile to continue pushing new boundaries. But in order to do this - away from crowds, away from the known, away from the securities of everyday life - you have to be tough. You have to be able to embrace discomfort. You have to be ready to take on the unexpected. And you have to be ready to grow. 

Throughout this trip, we've done our very best to live by this mantra, too. To take risks. To say "yes" more often. To open ourselves up to the world. Time and time again we've been surprised by how capable we are and how simply, easily it is to turn strangers into friends.

One question we've received quite often throughout this trip (except the inevitable, "Why aren't you married?") is this: "How are you able to do this?" Our answer? How could we not.

If there's one thing both Matt and I consistently try to remember it's to fight tooth and nail for your dreams. It's so easy to get old (nothing against old people, we're talking about minds here) and to get "comfortable." Time passes so rapidly; that heartbeat of miserable Mondays, those countdowns to the weekends - is that how you want to remember your life?

Perhaps it is and if that's the case, no judgement. But for those of you who aren't satisfied with the status quo, who don't want to dread another work week, who have big dreams but don't yet know how to make them happen, our one hope is that we've inspired you in some way to take that leap of faith and go sniff out what ignites your soul.

Because, after all, what use are those dreams if you never take the chance to go after them?