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Off the Beaten Path: Krabi

To say you've visited Thailand isn't unique. For years, it's been a Mecca for tourists looking to relax on the beautiful sandy beaches or tackle the lush mountains in the north.

For us, we had adventure on the brain, so we started our adventure in the south.

You may have heard of the enormous rock structures in Krabi; they still make me stop and stare whenever I see a photo of them. Oh, and these rock structures are jutting out of perfectly warm blue water. They are a climber's crave, a photographer's paradise and a diver's dream. 

While we had the amazing experience of cruising around from beach to beach on a rented scooter and hiring a boat to take us deep water soloing (this is where you go rock climbing on these enormous cliffs with no gear and, if you fall, well, you plummet down into the water below), our best memories were found a little closer to land.

Instead of stripping down to our bathing suits we suited up in a full body suit to race Mario Kart-style around a 1KM long track at 100 kph (that's more than 60 mph) at Krabi Kart Speedway. The race course is located on the side of the 4034 road from Muang-Krabi to Ao Nang, not far from Ao Nang beach.

Other than having the entire track to ourselves, we got to meet the current Krabi Kart champion and get our pictures taken on the winner's podium.

Next time you're in Krabi take a break from the beautiful beaches, hop on your scooter and go race Mario Kart-style!

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It’s Dallin and Shalise from Summer in Shades, here, and we're so excited to share a piece of our lives with you. When we met two years ago, we constantly talked about living abroad for months at a time - we just never thought it would be possible. But after some great opportunities arose (and we married in July 2015), we decided to travel to Bangkok, Thailand for six months to follow that dream we had talked about for so long. We want to invite you to pack your bags and come with us as we show you Asia through our eyes! 

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