There They Go


Ch-ch-ch-changes: Announcing Our Summer of a Lifetime


It was Friday, April 8 and I was on a phone call with a client. Midway through our conversation I feel a buzz and the screen is showing an incoming call from Fort Collins, CO. My eyes widened and my heart started beating out of my chest when, immediately, instinctively, I knew it was LifeProof. I told the client of mine that I needed to call them back. This was just too important.  

Without waiting for an answer I nervously swapped calls trying not to push the wrong button.  Moments later I was being asked if I wanted to travel the country in an EarthRoamer as a brand ambassador with LifeProof.  "WHAT?! YES!"  Ironically Hillary wasn't even with me when we received the call and I had to wait an hour and a half until she came home to tell her.


Just over a week ago I was coming home from work and pulled my car into the parking lot. I grabbed my things, shut the car door and made my way toward my apartment when I saw Matt coming out to greet me. I figured he wanted to know what we should do about dinner, like usual. But I was wrong.

"How do you feel about living in an EarthRoamer this summer?" he said instead, grinning.

That's when I knew things were about to change.

A few weeks ago, we told you about our visit to Fort Collins, CO where we flew in for a two-day interview with LifeProof and had the opportunity to try some great food and meet some pretty amazing people. After more than 230 entries, thousands of votes and those long (but rad) interview days, we found out we won. WE FREAKIN' WON.

This summer we'll be exploring the western half of the U.S. and broadcasting the action live from the road. Along the way we'll be meeting up with LifeProof athletes, representing LifeProof and EarthRoamer at some of the country's biggest gatherings (think Summer X Games, Vans U.S. Open of Surfing and the Overland Expo), and we'll be testing ourselves (and our LifeProof products) while doing things like surfing, rock climbing and BMX riding.

Oh, and did we mention we'll be staying in this? (You can read the full press release here.)

Earlier this year, our blog slipped past its first blog anniversary (blogiversary?). 2015 was certainly a year of learning and of some pretty incredible experiences, but we vowed to make 2016 even bigger and badder than its predecessor, continuing to travel epic. Before we get too ahead of ourselves, it seems like this year is shaping up to be just that - EPIC. 

And while that may be the overly used, buzzy word-of-the-moment, we truly mean it. To say that these lives of ours have become something unexpected is a gross understatement. They have breached the unimaginable and have defied even our most lofty of expectations. We are so incredibly grateful for this opportunity and for the amazing community we've built here at TTG.

Thank you to all you supporters out there, and to those wanderlusters who dream of the impossible - maybe it's not too far out of reach.

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