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5 Reasons Why Every Adventure Seeker Should Check Out Eagle Falls

Lowville, NY's Eagle Falls (not to be confused with Eagle Falls in Montour Falls, NY) is one of those special, I-can't-believe-I-found-this-place-and-practically-have-it-all-to-myself-type places. From the sketchy borderline trespassing entry and river crossing atop a wooden plank, to the towering rock formations protruding out of the Beaver River, Eagle Falls feels like a quiet island you have at your disposal. This mecca for campers, photographers and rock climbers, alike, has infinite adventure potential, but here are some of our favorite reasons to check it out.

  1. It's so peaceful it might become your happy place.
    Eagle Falls is situated in a pretty remote spot with open woods and some great swimming spots (perfect for post-exploring or an after-camping shower). Because it's set so far back from a main road, it's near impossible to hear traffic; in fact, the sound of the pounding rapids makes it kind of hard to hear anything.

  2. It has top-roping routes for beginners and seasoned climbers, alike.
    With more than three dozen climbing routes ranging from 5.6 to 5.12, the cliff is packed with high quality lines that you probably won't find in most guidebooks. 

  3. You can camp here.
    Imagine waking up to the rhythm of rapids as the sun peeks through the trees. If that isn't your idea of paradise, I'm not so sure we can be friends.

  4. The views are magical.
    I mean, you are in the Adirondacks...

  5. It's like you're discovering a new land.
    Yeah, it may be a lot less impressive than those mountains out west, but Eagle Falls has a quality that lends itself to feeling intimate and undiscovered. So break out your hiking shoes and channel your inner Lewis and Clark, and get to exploring!


The Deets:

Eagle Falls is located about 40 minutes from Lowville, NY or about an hour and ten minutes West of Watertown, NY.  We went climbing in early June, when there wasn’t any snow.

NOTE: Eagle Falls is located in upstate New York, where you will be driving on some dirt roads (safe for a small sedan) and probably limited cell service. Do your homework and research your route on Google Maps beforehand.

Getting There:

From Watertown, NY take Route 126 East to Croghan, NY where you'll pick up Route 24 toward Kirschnerville, NY. From there, drive toward Soft Maple Reservoir. This will lead you to a dirt trail. Follow it past the reservoir until you see a small building and a water pipeline on your left. There will be a dirt road that veers left at the building. Take this left and after about 900 feet there will be a small parking area on your right. Across the street on your left is a staircase that leads under the water pipeline.

Once you park, take this staircase under the water pipeline. Once on the other side, take a right and follow the trail. After about 500 to 600 feet, turn left and make your way toward the stream and open rocks. Here you'll need to use the large rocks to cross the stream. (When we went, there was a plank that we used to cross the stream.) Once you cross you'll see a bunch of rock faces that are ready to be climbed. 

Setting Up Your Top Ropes:

To get to the top of the rocks to set up your top ropes, there is a trail all the way to the left of the climbs (as if you were facing the rock).  

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