Camp Site: Sportsman Lake Road

Picture this: Waking up to the quiet chuckle of birds, rays of lemony light warming your face, wild pronghorn grazing just outside your tent or RV.

That’s kind of what it’s like to wake up in this place.

Coursing through land owned by the Bureau of Land Management, Sportsman Lake Road is located just outside Laramie, WY and makes for a pretty ideal spot to bunker down for the night if you’re the type to want to get away from it all - because, here, you can.

The road, located off US 287, is relatively hard to miss. Once you make the turn onto the dirt road, there’s a private access point to your left, so keep going straight until you cross a cattle guard and see a sign indicating that you’re on public land. A 4x4 isn’t necessary, but a high clearance vehicle is suggested. Don’t attempt to stay here if it’s recently rained or the ground is wet as the area floods easily and can make the road impassable.

We hear this spot rarely fills up, which means there’s plenty of room to pull off and settle in late in the day without obstructing someone else’s view or affecting their camping experience. Keep in mind there are no fire pits, picnic tables, restrooms or showers nearby, so you’re on your own while you’re here.  

Getting Here:

Sportsman Lake Road is located off of US 287 after (if you're coming from Colorado) or before (if you're coming from Laramie) Tie Siding. Once you reach the dirt road, continue straight until you cross a second cattle guard and see a sign indicating you are now on public land.