There They Go

Our Story

Hi, we're Matt and Hillary, an American couple from New England with an insatiable curiosity to see the world. In short, we're storytellers, up for anything and don't mind missing the occasional shower (or two!). Our story begins rather serendipitously more than eight years ago at our alma mater, Quinnipiac University. We were a part of a small group of students who founded the school's first independent newspaper, and we've been creating things together ever since.

Fast forward and the two of us have traversed the globe hitting up five continents (and counting) as well as countless states and countries. We've spent the night in an igloo in the middle of the Swiss Alps, found ourselves camping alongside sacred Navajo monuments, gotten hopelessly lost in South Africa's leopard country and hiked into the crater of a volcano. And just to prove it, we make videos of our adventures, too.

There They Go was born out of this deep passion for discovery and adventure, and is most certainly a work in progress. Matt's job is to show you these amazing places through pretty pictures and captivating video, while Hillary gives them context (and tells you how to recreate these adventures for yourself).

We hope that among these words and photos, these lights and pixels, you will be inspired to push yourself and discover new places as well. Unearth new routes. Seek out new peaks. Have fun exploring the unknown. As always, we welcome all degrees of feedback and encourage you to leave us comments or drop us a line; we'll be out exploring like it's our job.

Because, well, it is.

Matt + Hillary